The 1st seed producer in Burundi

The B.S.P.C. is a farmers’ cooperative that aims to fight hunger by providing quality and quantity of seeds for plantations.

If you want to eat well, know your farmer

As a cooperative, we call on all people to
contribute towards sustainable food production.

  • Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth
  • Our most valuable assets are our people and our customers
  • In profound respect for our environment

CPSB was launched in 2016

A group of 7 members that had been working together for many years started and formally registered the cooperative in September 2016. Today our 7 Extension and Modernization Project plan for cooperative boasts of having 170 cooperative members and the numbers are still increasing.

Provide quality seeds to our farmers

We provide selected and quality seeds to our farmers as well as other local farmers at reasonable prices.

Provide quality food

We sell quality food products such as Irish potatoes, Maize, Beans and rice

Dairy farming

We have cows that provide both milk and manure to our farmers and we sell the excess

Provide agriculture training

We offer informal agriculture training to new farmers especially young graduates

C.P.S.B. started very small with only 1 hectare in 2008 of land and only his family labor force, Mr. Mbonankira Charles has been able to set up a cooperative society is today operating on more than 100 hectares of farm and working with over 100 employees.
Mbonankira Charles

A sustainable approach

Center for Seed Production of Burundi uses improved, natural, and sustainable farming methods for quality and quantity production.

Burundi is the country in the Great Lakes Region of Africa that is most vulnerable to climate change, environmental impact, and economic shocks in terms of its socio-economic situation. Like in many other Sub-Sahara African countries, in Burundi food systems are characterized by food system weaknesses. 


Situation Analysis: Acute food insecurity

M people
severely food insecure
1 %
1 in 6 children under five suffer from chronic maltrution
1 IDPs
An internally displaced person (IDP)
1 %
30% - 40% of maize fields attacked by fall armyworm